We treat our clients fairly and value their trust. Our Refund Policy has been developed to reflect our customer-centric approach and to ensure customers are always getting high-quality products from our company. Below we provide details of how you can receive a full refund should you be not fully happy with our services.

Canceling An Order

You can cancel your order and receive a full refund if you contact our customer support and inform them of your intention to cancel before the expert has started to work on your order. Should the expert already start working on your order, you can still claim a partial refund. The exact refund amount is subject to how much the expert has been able to accomplish by the time you ask us to cancel and to use your right to receive a refund. Please note that after your order has been fully completed you cannot cancel it.

You Paid Twice

Clients may accidentally pay a double-amount for the same order. In that case, we will return the excessive amount paid, upon their request. Alternatively, and upon an appropriate request, we can add the surplus to your online account on our website. Please check all your orders carefully and report to our support team any cases of the accidental overpayment as soon as possible after they occur.

You Created Two Identical Orders

If you create two identical orders and accidentally pay for both – we encourage you to contact our support team as soon as possible to report the problem. Upon your decision, the payment you have made by mistake will be immediately refunded back to your account (or any payment method you would prefer). Please understand that if you do not contact our support, and we do not receive a refund request from you, we will treat the situation as if you want two separate experts to work on the same assignment and will start processing your order.

If There Is No Available Expert To Take Your Order

We employ one of the largest pools of experts on the market. However, in rare cases, for instance, when there is no immediate perfect match between your complex order and an expert, or you require a large order to be completed at very short notice, there might not be an available expert to take care of your assignment.

Please be advised, that our clients’ orders are of top priority to us, and we would do anything possible to take good care of them. However, if the above mentioned situation happens, we will refund you the full amount paid should you wish so (instead of waiting for an available expert).

Your Order Is Late

We are very strict about the deadlines our clients give us to deliver their orders. However, in rare cases, your order deadline might not be met. In this case you are entitled to a full refund.

This rule does not apply to the partially paid orders or those to which you did not provide full and accurate instructions and which are waiting for your further instructions. It is of critical importance that you always provide us with accurate contact information so that we can contact you and ask for further input needed. In case your order deadline is not met, we will ask you for an extension. If a deadline extension is provided the total order price will be adjusted accordingly and the extra amount will be refunded.

The Revision Of Your Assignment Is Late

We value our customers and always have additional internal deadlines that enable us to complete your order a little sooner than your instructed deadline. We encourage you to check your email notifications regularly to review the completed order. However, if you review the order in time and ask us to revise it, a revision deadline will be set. If for any reason the revision has not been made available to you in due time, you are entitled to a full refund. The exact amount to be refunded may vary in each particular situation.

You Are Not Happy With The Quality Of Your Completed Order

In case the order does not meet your quality expectations, you have the right to request a revision or ask us to assign a different expert to your order. In either case, the service is free of charge for you.

Upon your request, we may also issue a full refund to your account, in case you find none of our revision options suitable. We would appreciate detailed feedback from you as to what exactly you were not satisfied with. We always investigate such cases with the utmost attention and make sure the responsible authors get assessed in each particular case.

Kindly note, that when you receive a full refund from us, you have no right to use the product as in that case it belongs to our company.

Refund requests for any other reason not mentioned in this Policy will not be processed and, therefore, declined.

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